We are 


Formation Finance is rebranding to Every Finance.

Why the Re-brand?

We’ve learned so much since conception,
as a result, we are evolving.

Our new brand better aligns with our core values and vision for the future. This change isn’t about abandoning what we’ve built; it’s about enhancing it.

If you have any concerns or need more information, rest assured we are always here to provide support.

Got Questions? We got you!

Here you can find more information about the transition.

Why are you rebranding?

Because we want to go above and beyond the boundaries set by our past. Our decision to rebrand stems from a commitment to embody the ethos of “Every Finance,” ensuring our platform is inclusive, accessible, and resonates with everyone, everywhere. As we’ve grown and the defi landscape has evolved, we recognized the need for a new brand that encapsulates our vision of democratizing finance and making it universally approachable. This transformation not only represents our progression but also our dedication to creating a platform where every individual feels represented and empowered.

What will happen to my $FORM tokens?

Your $FORM tokens remain integral to our ecosystem. As part of our rebranding and evolution into “Every Finance”, all $FORM token holders will be provided with a seamless process to convert or migrate their tokens to our new $EVRY tokens. Rest assured, we’ve ensured that this transition will be smooth, secure, and transparent, safeguarding your interests and doing our best to maintain the value you’ve invested in our platform. Until this migration of tokens is ready, you will be able to use your $FORM tokens on the Every dApp.

Will the tokenomics of $EVRY be different from $FORM?

While the fundamental principles of our tokenomics remain grounded in creating value for our community, adjustments are necessary to align with the strategic objectives of Every Finance. Detailed specifics of $EVRY tokenomics will be released in our upcoming community updates.

My tokens are on a CEX, what should I do?

If your $FORM tokens are on a Centralized Exchange (CEX), we recommend waiting until the migration process begins. We are actively coordinating with major exchanges to support the token transition,  Always stay updated with official announcements from both “Every Finance” and your respective CEX for specific instructions.

What will happen to the Formation Website?

As we transition to “Every Finance”, the Formation website will be archived and eventually redirected to our new website. While the original content will no longer be actively updated, we’re committed to ensuring that all valuable resources, documentation, and historical data remain accessible to our community. We encourage users to bookmark the new “every finance” website for up-to-date information, announcements, and platform developments.

How can I participate in the new ecosystem or contribute to its growth?

Engaging with our platform, participating in community discussions, sharing feedback, providing Liquidity and introducing Every Finance to new users are excellent ways to contribute. We also encourage community-led initiatives and will soon announce programs where you can actively participate and be rewarded.

What about the hack / theft from the past?

The past security breach was an unfortunate event that prompted us at every finance to take comprehensive actions to enhance our platform’s security measures. We’ve since collaborated with leading cybersecurity experts to fortify our system and implemented stricter protocols. Moreover, our community’s well-being is our top priority, and we’ve taken steps to address the concerns of affected users. As we move forward with our rebranding and system enhancements, we remain committed to being transparent, accountable, and focused on ensuring such incidents do not recur. If you was affected by these events please open a support ticket here

Are there new security measures in place?

Absolutely. The safety and security of our users’ assets and data are our utmost priority. We’ve implemented enhanced security protocols, undergone multiple rigorous third-party audits, and incorporated feedback from expert advisors to ensure our platform remains resilient against threats. We will be launching our Community Bug Bounty Programme where we will reward members who are able to find weaknesses and potential exploits.

How do I stay updated with the latest developments?

We recommend following our official channels, including our website, Discord, Twitter, and Telegram group, where we’ll consistently post updates, announcements, and developments related to Every Finance.

What do I need to do?

Nothing but stay tuned. At this stage we are committed to providing awareness to existing members. Any transition will allow you to have significant time to react. All we ask is that you check in at least once a month to stay updated with progress. We will continue to publish on the website here, on social media and also in our Discord channels. 


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